Money Maker Package

Most of business entrepreneurs need their time to make money and not to build the required tool, it is our job.

The Money Maker package is the ultimate setup and became our best seller.


What does it include?

  • Company incorporation in EU with VAT valid or Offshore jurisdictions.

  • Nominees directors and shareholders, you will not appear in government register, it is usually called "anomymous company".

  • 1 year of registered adress with mail forwarding

  • 3 Crypto friendly bank accounts with dedicated IBAN in the company name which allow you to receive and send payment, to buy or sell crypto-currency. You also get plastic & virtual debit.

  • Paypal business

  • Skrill business

  • Payment processor (available for high risk activity, except illegal )

  • Dedicated mobile number to receive sms and use 2Fa.

Price : 4590 €

Money Maker Package by CRYPTOFFSHORE.png