BTC to bank account

1.  Get a legit invoice to be paid with Bitcoin

2. Get paid to any bank accounts in USD or Euros

3. Same day transaction

4. No KYC

Fees : 5%


CRYPTO / ICO is an experienced consulting services provider with deep knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency market industry.

Our team of professionals is ready to help to bring your project to a successful stage of an initial coin offering – ICO. We develop tailor made solutions specifically for each of our client’s requirements and we are always there to adapt to a rapidly changing and developing industry.


Our field of expertise lies in areas of legal consulting, marketing strategies development and operational audit that is vital for a successful ICO of your company. We are ready to offer packaged solutions or separate tools that will help your business in the era of the rising blockchain world.

Legal consulting

There is one vital element on the way of every successful ICO - a proper legal support, that will help comply with regulations and eliminate issues with authorities.

Our experts are ready:
- to pick up the best jurisdiction for your project in order to avoid legal issues during an ICO;
- to help with a company incorporation and bank account opening in a favorable jurisdiction for your project;
- to consult your team on all relevant legal and corporate structure issues, that may occur during the development.


Backers and investors should get passionate about your product, believe in projects ideas and views that should change the industry.

This is why we are keen on effective and creative marketing and storytelling, that helps project to create a strong community of investors who are ready to contribute into success of the project.

Our team of specialists takes all your marketing challenges as their own, developing and implementing strategies from the beginning till the end with high attention to specifics of each project.


Technological core of the project - is a crucial part of how successful will be the initial coin offering of the project.

Our specialists may offer an effective Book Building platform specifically for each project, implement advanced cyber security systems for better data protection, high level IT consulting and advising, as well as an audit of current technological assets of the project.

All our Technical Audit services are designed to serve the highest standards of our clients.